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Albert Griesmayr
Albert Griesmayr is the initiator of Lean Book Publishing. His startups Scribando and Novelify help more than 10,000 authors to be more successful with their books every month. Follow Albert on Twitter for insights on successful book publishing.
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How many pages did you write before you asked the first time for feedback?
How many sentences do you need to explain what your book is about?
What's the percentage of positive feedback you received for your book from your readers?
How many readers have been actively involved in the creation of your book?
How many book success measurement tools are you using? (e.g. Google Analytics, Review Measurement, Follower Count, etc.)
How much time did you focus exclusively on getting the BIG 5's right?
Is your average reader able to explain your book in less than two sentences?
How much money/time (compared to effective measures) did you waste when looking at your book publishing process with hindsight?
How much time did you actively spend on listening/reading/watching to expert advice in order to improve your book project?
How big has been your audience (newsletter subscribers, followers, fans, etc.), when you decided to launch your book officially? (If you haven’t published already → how big is your audience now)
Your book mass index is .
Your book is lean. Keep up the good work!
That is average. Make your book leaner!
Your book is fat. Make your book leaner!
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